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Photoshoot Preparation Guide

There are many different things that you can do to help ensure you are getting the most out of your real estate photography. Here’s a FREE guide on how to prepare for a real estate photoshoot:

Luxury Home

The following is a list of suggestions to you Prepare for your Professional Real Estate Photography Photoshoot:


General Real Estate Photoshoot Prep Tips:

  • Clean whole house entirely (vacuum walls, rough mop floors, open countertops, clean windows)

  • Switch all lamps and overhead lights ON

  • Replace all burnt-out light bulbs. 

  • Using same-temperature lamps (ALL incandescent or ALL fluorescent compact)

  • Turn OFF the ceiling fans

  • Switch OFF TVs, Computer Screens

  • Open the window blinds to let the natural light in. 

  • Remove personal images (or substitute them with general photographs of the landscape/object)

  • Create any single bed

  • Remove tiny rugs/mats to expose real flooring

  • Place all shoes/coats/clothing in closets or out of sight. 


  • All lights ON, overheads, and especially all lamps, including exterior lights on garage and porch

  • All blinds up (unless there is something you don’t want visible through the window)

  • No garbage cans in any room should visible for a great real estate photography photoshoot

  • Nothing in the kitchen sink (hide sponges, drying racks, scrubbers, etc.)

  • All magnets and photos off the refrigerator

  • Minimize/hide personal photos in frames on tabletops

  • No dog or cat bowls (or dog beds/crates)

  • It is best if pets are taken for a walk, or crated

  • All toilet lids down

  • Hide toys or at least minimize them

  • Hide tissue boxes unless they are housed in something decorative

  • Bathroom Towels hung neatly or removed

  • In bathrooms, hide toothbrushes, razors, anything personal, or anything not decorative

  • Nightstands, as few things as possible (I will not open drawers to hide things in the bedroom)

  • We do not shoot inside closets unless it is a very neat designer/walk-in closet, If not use the closet to hide things


  • No cars in the driveway, garage door closed

  • Freshly mow lawn, clear debris, turn on any front yard features. (ponds, fountains etc...)

  • We do not shoot inside the garage unless it is very neat, If not this is another place to hide items

  • Hoses rolled up neatly, or even better, gone

  • Exterior garbage cans out of view or at least out of front shot

  • Security yard signs, such as ADT and Realtor yard signs temporarily removed if possible.

  • Remove anything that looks seasonal, such as Xmas wreaths, pumpkins, etc.

  • Clean gardening (mow, shrub cut, transparent leaves)

  • Clear cobwebs from eaves and door frames using a broom


  • Clean deck or patio, scrub outdoor tables/chairs/covers.

  • Pillows/cushions should be new or removed

  • Clean out toys, bikes, etc...

  • Freshly mow lawn, clear weeds, plants past their prime, clear leaves. 

  • A pool should be clean, with no hoses, tubes, or equipment visible.

  • A hot tub should be covered or clean, with the hot tub cover off and out of sight.  

  • Turn ON the water/fountains for any features that need to be showcased. 

  • Take out garbage cans, remove dog waste, dog toys, houses. 

General Guidelines:

Less is More, not just for clutter, but for people. We shoot in multiple exposures (HDR), and Panoramic 360’s, so the fewer people around, the better. If possible, treat this real estate photography photoshoot the same as a showing, and have the sellers take an hour in a coffee shop or visit a neighbor. The goal is to make your home show beautifully online and sell quickly! Contact us today to take your real estate photography to the next level!

NOTE: The Real Estate Photographer should not: Move furniture, Clean or dust, Move garbage, Pick up/move clutter (toys, dirty dishes, dog toys, etc.)
The home MUST be ready for the photographer when he arrives.

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